Why Holding onto Legacy Applications could Become Costly for your Business


Technology is arguably the quickest evolving industry in the world. Pioneering breakthroughs can become obsolete in such a small amount of time that it’s imperative every business ensures they remain on top of new developments in technology.

In 30 years, Microsoft Windows has evolved from the 16 bit 1.01 system to arguably the most well received version, Microsoft Windows 10. Even if you do not take into account major updates, that’s 12 different versions of the operating system. As you’ll know if you use Microsoft, new Windows updates come almost daily and this gives you some indication of how quickly technology is evolving.

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IT Solutions – Tailored to fit?


The more I talk to clients, the more I believe that having a tailored solution for their end users is the only way forward. This enables the IT team to deliver a bespoke system or solution that fits end users requirements. This method also has the additional benefit of reducing the number of support desk calls.

If you think about what is being achieved it is based on a basic principle of cause and effect – give the user a solution that performs to their expectations and they will not call to complain.

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Prescriptive Analytics – Actual Business Intelligence


Think about the last time you went to the doctors… they’ll have taken a look at your medical history, your current symptoms and made a prediction about what will happen next. Doctors describe the past, predict the future and prescribe treatment to best deal with what the future holds. Albeit a far removed, humanised example – this is the current situation across industries.

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Avoiding the Impact of Shadow IT


Are your employees impacting upon your IT infrastructure through the use of Shadow IT and, whilst this is an issue that needs to be restricted within an organisation, can we learn from it?

Many IT teams still remember the days when they had full control over their internal infrastructure, before employees – particularly from the Y generation – got wise to how they could adapt the system for their own use and gain. Shadow IT is an increasingly frequent problem within businesses and it is something that, for obvious reasons, should be avoided at all costs.

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Where next in the land of Advanced Analytics and Big Data?


I am lucky enough to meet customers from a wide variety of sectors on a weekly basis. This gives me an insight in to what they are trying to achieve and the challenges IT face in the enablement of them.

In a recent blog entitled “Leveraging data to continue to drive customer centricity” we looked at the importance of data leverage. When addressing need across the sectors, it is very interesting to see how tightly linked the majority of challenges are and how the cross pollination of ideas and initiatives can be used to create wider change and increased cross sector collaboration and insight.

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Leveraging data to continue to drive customer centricity


As organisations we all focus on our digital transformational journey; the multitudes of data points accessible to us from existing data sources but also a rich set of published, open, public and social sources drives increased opportunity to turn more data in to deeper insights not only for the leadership of the company, but for all.

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Security Threats as Windows Server 2003 support ends


Soon Windows Server 2003 will reach the end of its life and mass migration will occur in data centres across the world. Currently there are around 23.8 million instances of Windows Server 2003 running across physical servers worldwide, that Microsoft estimates.

Whilst many individuals and companies may be wary about moving from a currently reliable server to an entirely new solution, there are several reasons why making the move is unavoidable. Do you know what Server 2003’s End-of-Life means to you and your business? Alarmingly, 63% of businesses do not.

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