Can I run SIP/VoIP over Broadband?


Like most businesses, you may be worried about call quality when moving your phones lines from traditional lines such as ISDN and it is absolutely something that you should think about when planning your migration. However, this should only be one of the service criteria you need to consider when it comes to the internet connection your calls will be routing over.

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Technology trends that will reshape businesses in 2017


With an endless supply of new technologies seemingly sprouting up year on year, the ability to record and store data that are crucial to, not only developers, but also businesses to target the right markets has never been more attainable. As consumers become more dependent on portable technologies (i.e. mobile devices), more data is collected that makes retailers’ marketing approaches efficient and effective. In fact, we previously discussed how businesses should make digital their primary sales channel. Continue reading “Technology trends that will reshape businesses in 2017″