In customer service, can technology ever replace the personal touch?


When you’re running a small business, quality control is the most critical aspect of management. Often, it’s also the fastest skill you’ll learn. The risk of alienating a profitable customer is compounded by the risk of a bad review. But happy customers essentially do your marketing for you.

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How long can a business survive without digital transformation?


Digital transformation is one of the key buzz phrases of 2016. Over the last two years, searches for the phrase have surged. Businesses are starting to embrace a shift to digital working, and the most forward-thinking are reaping rewards. Customers are more engaged, and new technologies make staff more productive than ever.

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Could a Computer Mimic Your Signature?


Many businesses now use e-signatures to authenticate documents and sign contracts. Some of these e-signatures are relatively primitive, and involve a scrawled line on a tablet or phone screen. At the other end of the scale, digital cryptography allows sensitive data to be stored, transmitted and shared. Yet this bypasses the most human form of security: the written signature.

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Wearable tech at work – an insight too far?


Manufacturers of wearable tech are harvesting data continuously. And for many, the data is more valuable than the revenue from the hardware. Nike is a great example of a company that has learned about the way its shoes are used because of the real-time data generated from its wearables. For these brands, it’s not about selling watches any more.

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