London tube strike proves the need for a UC strategy


The Unified communications market saw a lot of progress in 2016 and showed positive signs for the year ahead. However, since Christmas we have experienced engineering works, snow, fog, frost, train network and tube strikes causing delayed trains, commuter traffic, and grounded planes. All the more reason that there is no better time for Unified Communications and Collaboration.

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The power of non-verbal communication in the workplace


In 1971, Albert Mehrabian published the findings of two of his research studies into the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication. From observing participants in a number of tasks Mehrabian concluded that 93% of what people communicate is non-verbal. This now famous statistic was calculated by Mehrabian documenting that participants in his studies absorbed 38% of information through tone of voice, 55% through body language and only 7% through words.

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From SaaS To DRaaS – How Important Is The Cloud For SMEs?


How important is the cloud for SMEs? Well, the short answer would be “very” – but that would be oversimplifying things. Cloud services, cloud computing, the cloud – however we may refer to the technologies that fall under whichever umbrella term you’re most familiar with, the business models of nearly all cloud-based solutions have been constructed to serve the SME.

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Are you ready for the EU’s GDPR Initiative?


The changes that are currently underway concerning the data privacy of European Union (EU) residents are nothing short of monumental, and they concern you.

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IaaS: Where flexibility meets security


Despite businesses increasingly embracing new and emerging technology and innovations, many are only just starting to realise the extent of the changes to IT which the coming years will bring. One of the key drivers for this change will be increased data harvesting: machine learning programmes like Siri and Google Now and connected devices like FitBit and the Apple Watch are now collecting more contextual information than ever before, driving up data storage needs and creating a demand for ever-more innovative network designs.

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5 ways internal communications impact your brand


Do you see your internal communications as something self-contained within your organisation – or is it part of a bigger picture? Good internal communications are targeted at your employees but should be of the same calibre as the communications you send out to consumers, customers and stakeholders. After all, chances are your employees buy or consume your products and services once their work for the day (or night) is done – and talk to other people about their experience as well.

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Beating the drum for Exponential-e

When attendees returned after the coffee break they found an African drum either by or on their seat.

This unique session was about making as much noise as possible – and all in the name of teambuilding.

The session involved everyone hitting their drum with as much energy and enthusiasm as they could muster, under instruction from the team of four facilitators who ensured everyone knew what to hit – and when. The result was much more tuneful than you might think – and left a harmonious mood in the room!

IMG_2671 IMG_2668

IMG_2649 IMG_2643