Network spikes are for life, not just Black Friday


With the anticipation of Black Friday comes the behind the scenes panic for companies to ensure their infrastructure can withstand the typical flood of visits to their websites. But whilst this time of year has eCommerce websites pushed to their limits, are network spikes limited to the retail sector?

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Choosing the right Cloud Service Provider (CSP)


A Cloud Service Provider (CSP) offers instantaneous, scalable virtual infrastructure with utility billing. While the Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) industry streamlines IT through these advantages, a lack of standardisation in performance can lead to businesses overspending in order to obtain the necessary performance requirements for their applications.

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Does remote working restrict work/life balance?


Since its introduction, remote working has enabled employees across the world to work from home instead of going in to the office. Enabling employees to save on travelling expenditure, and avoid the pressures of the office environment it is seen by many as a great perk and a preferential alternative. But is working from home really the best solution, or could it be causing difficulty in creating the necessary work/life balance?

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What is the Blockchain?


Is this the digital world’s missing link? Nothing more complicated than a shared ledger, blockchain technology creates high-integrity databases whose contents are always up-to-date and cannot be tampered with without leaving evidence. The end result? They can be trusted by all that share it. It’s the technology behind crypto-currency BitCoin, but the blockchain is being positioned to revolutionise the banking sector, healthcare, social security payments, and even online identities.

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What’s the key to success in the Retail sector?


I joined Exponential-e at a recent roundtable event for the retail sector, enjoying an evening of insightful and enlightening conversation. It was interesting to see how one group of IT professionals within the retail sector believed one thing, whilst another thought exactly the opposite. Clearly proving there is no single magic formula for retail success.

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Could a Computer Mimic Your Signature?


Many businesses now use e-signatures to authenticate documents and sign contracts. Some of these e-signatures are relatively primitive, and involve a scrawled line on a tablet or phone screen. At the other end of the scale, digital cryptography allows sensitive data to be stored, transmitted and shared. Yet this bypasses the most human form of security: the written signature.

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